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3 Simple Steps to prepare your video slideshow.
Remember, we can answer any questions you have about the process through email or over the phone.

For ideas for video slideshows visit tips & advice.

Step One - your slideshow content

Select the photos you want to include in your video slideshow.

Pick the music you want your photos to be syncronized with. In general it's a good idea to have about 1 minute of music per 20 photos appearing in your photo slideshow.

Step Two - your slideshow order

Choose your picture order. Put your photos in the order you want them to appear in the slideshow. If your photos are digital title them with the following numbering system - 0001, 0002, 0003... and place them in a folder named photos. If you want a certain photo to begin a certain song specify that in the following .doc or .txt file.

Choose the song order. In an included .doc or .txt file, if you will be emailing us a cd of your photos, or on a separate piece of paper include the order in which you want the songs you have chosen to play.

Step Three - your slideshow extras

Type the text for your video titles into the .doc or .txt file with the heading Title 1, Title 2, Title 3... and specify which songs they go at the begining of, or if they go between photos give the name of the photos they go between

Type the text for your picture captions and give the name of the photo they go with.

Final Step - getting us your slideshow

If your photos are digital you have two options. The simplest is to mail your photos or if you have a fast internet connection we can walk you through an ftp upload.

If you have photographs, slides or film negatives that need to be scanned we can scan your photos, slides and film negatives. The cost for this is .50 per photo.

If you have questions just visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call.


Allow Two Weeks

You should allow two weeks from the time we receive your photos for us to create and mail your slide show to you. If you need a rush order this is possible at an additional charge. We attempt to accommodate almost any deadline above 3 days, but there is a fee.

Place Your Order

To place your order email sales@digitalvideoslideshows.com or call us at (760) 855-3391. We will talk through your project as well as provide you with payment instructions.

There are several ways for us to receive the photos for your slide show including by mail or via the internet - if you have a fast connection. We look forward to talking with you and creating your video slideshow.

Thank you for your business!



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