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Wedding Video Slideshows

Ideas for selecting your photos...
Whether you play it during the reception, rehearsal dinner, ceremony or just with friends and family a video slideshow is a great way to help the friends and family of bride get to know the groom and the friends and family of the groom get to know the bride.

One way to plan such a show is to have three songs - the first song with pictures of the bride growing up with her family and friends. The second song with pictures of the groom growing up with his family and friends. And the third song with pictures of the couple together.

If the couple or creator of the slideshow wants to share the responsibility of selecting the photos they may consider letting the mothers of the bride and the mother of the groom choose the photos of their children growing up and then the couple choose some of their favorite photos from after they met.

Ideas for effectively telling their story

Title screens can be a great way to introduce portions of the video slideshow that may need explanation and captions are a great way to identify family members and friends who appear in the photo slide show.

If you wish to create a shorter slideshow consider cutting the songs to a favorite verse for each or choose one song and break it into three sections.

Another idea is to have a title for each year or period of their life with pictures of both of them growing up side by side, even if they hadn't met yet. Then have a special screen that introduces their first meeting or date and show pictures of them together from then on.

Keep in mind that your guests may enjoy seeing photos of themselves interacting with the bride or groom. This helps to make your show more dynamic and interactive with the audience.

If you want more ideas or help brainstorming just send us an email at sales@digitalvideoslideshows.com! We'd love to help you plan this very special day.

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